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Lead Vocals-Guitar-Percussion


               Todd TealFLESHBOOK/FACEBOOK

                   GIFF           Chris Schaefer


BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!! Fleshweld is back and writing their own history, leaving a wake in it's path with our new drummer, Chris "DrumHell" Schaefer From Jack Starr, Lunicide and ✞✞✞Project 19✞✞✞

What you are about to read is just a slight glimpse into where it all started but by no means is it meant to define where the band is today. Fleshweld blends a variety of musical and cultural influences to weave a sound that is sure to make your head spin. Crafting songs that are tight and aggressive, yet maintaining an honest lyrical insight, Fleshweld is an act all their own. Throw in the high octane force of their live show and its obvious this band is infectious and one to look out for. Fleshweld crafted a unique aggressive style all their own. The sound is fresh and brutal, yet melodic at the same time making them a leader in the creative world of the industry. Fleshweld was first formed in October of 2002, but in the middle of 2003 there was a falling out due to the past members not having a work ethic or creative desire to succeed. This allowed Beyond to tour nationally with Nocturne, to clear his mind and refocus. Upon returning home to Florida, Beyond focused all of his attention to rebuilding Fleshweld making it unequaled in style and talent on the local scene. The rest as they say is HISTORY!

Booking Info: Beyond Email: badkarma69@msn.com



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